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We offer a wide variety of home improvement services at Manuel Chavez Professional Roofing & Remodeling LLC. Whenever you need commercial roofing repair or installation, you can be sure that the services of Manuel Chavez Professional Roofing & Remodeling LLC are the perfect ones for you. As a Central Texas based general contractor, we offer all kinds of professional services in the field of home remodeling, siding, and of course roofing.
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Residential Roofing

Our team is highly trained and experienced in residential roofing repairs and installs.


Storm Damage Repair

Our team can assess the damaged components and provide a quote to restore and or repair your roof.

Industrial Building

Commercial Roofing

We not only service and install residential roofs, but we can also repair and install commercial roofing products as well.

New Houses

Construction Services

We provide high-quality home construction services for residential and commercial clients in Central Texas.

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